Q: Can I change my username in my profile?

A: Yes, we’re happy to change that for you. You can make the request through the Contact Us form.

Q: Can I delete my account?

A: Yes, we’re happy to delete your account for you. You can make the request through the Contact Us form.

Q: If I’m pre-registered for a ticket sale, then I delete my account and create a new one, will that kill my pre-registration for that ticket sale?

A: Yep. So if you’re currently pre-registered for a particular ticket sale, don’t delete your account. If you did it by accident, and you now realize you’re screwed, use the Contact Us form to let us know your plight as soon as possible, and we’ll see what we can do.

Q: What do you do with my information? Is my privacy secure?

A: We take privacy seriously. To learn how we handle information stored in your Burner Profile, check out our Privacy Policy.

Q: How do I submit a BRC Participation Form for approval to

  • Reserve a location for a placed camp in Black Rock City
  • Receive permission to bring a Mutant Vehicle into Black Rock City for inspection
  • Pre-register to bring a Disabled Vehicle to Black Rock City
  • Register an Art Installation for placement on the open playa
  • Apply as professional Media

A: Log-in to your Burner Profile or create one and fill out your desired questionnaire from our Participate page.

Q: How can I change my password if I don’t remember it and can’t log in?

A: There’s a link to reset your password on the login screen.

Q: I didn’t get the password reset email, now what?

A: First, give it a minute or two. Sometimes it takes time for the email to appear in your inbox.  Next, check your spam filter, reset emails like ours are often caught by spam filters.

If you still don’t see it, be sure the email that you are checking is the same email you used for your Burner Profile.

Finally, if all else fails, go to the “Contact Us” link above, and send the form to Profiles Technical Support.